Wednesday, August 26, 2009

اهلآ و سهلآ الا بلاج! welcome to my blog!

Well, I have officially finished packing - filling up two suitcases that I can fit into and my indiana jones rucksack. As one can see, I have had plenty of practice posing with said rucksack so that my pictures will be perfect when I am adventuring in the desert, much like the real indiana jones did (but before that dumb alien sequel.) I'll be traveling about domestically until my flight from JFK to Cairo leaves tomorrow evening, so until then I plan on stuffing my face with America's delicacies (i.e. McDonald's and Starbucks.) I can't wait for my first taste of kebob from a street vendor and my first cup of mint tea from a corner cafè. I'll be keeping up with the blog as much as I can once I arrive, and uploading pictures to share with you loyal followers. 
مع سلام and goodbye!


  1. Add some greasy American pizza to your list of delicacies and you have my identical list of favorite things to do in airports. If you are super chouette, you might even get said pizza from the same exact place that I got mine in at JFK weeks back. Just ask for the Meghan special. (much like "The Joey Special." Chandler: "..." Joey:" Two Pizzas!!") Also, I do hope you invest in shoes for said Indiana Jones photos. I am worried that all of Egypt isn't covered in tiles. Let me know how the kebobs and cafés are! I am waiting with baited breath.

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  3. This was done by designer Nicolas Alexander.. and you should use it as your blog picture. I saw it and thought of you. HUZZAH!